Hello guys,

we booked 15 spots for the Jägermeistertour. Therefore, we need to know who comes to this event, why you should register below. 

If you cannot attend the event anymore, please send us a mail! In this case we will get in contact with the persons from the waiting list :)

Some more information:

Date: 9th of November 2018
Time to meet:

10:00 o'clock at the Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof; between the Infopoint and the Ditsch pretzel booth;


Price: 0,00€
Language of the tour:


Duration of the guided tour:















Please register here (we are just allowed to come with 15 persons!!!): Deadline for the registration is the 5th of November 2018!

If the event is booked out, please write us a mail and we will see, if someone cancelled the spot.