N26 is The Mobile Bank

N26 is one of Europe’s first and fastest growing mobile banks that allow you to do everything you can do with a traditional bank except easier, and directly from your phone. Get your account now!


We created N26 to bring personal banking into the modern world. We put all the features and services that a traditional bank offers into a single, simple, seamless mobile app experience. At its core, N26 is a bank account for your phone. But it’s also your Mastercard, your credit provider, your investment portfolio, your savings plan, your insurance broker and much more. If you join N26, you’re essentially putting the power of your bank inside your pocket.

What it means to be The Mobile Bank

We’re living in a world where we can book a vacation instantly, listen to practically any song any time, and share pictures and videos with anyone we know anywhere in the world. All of that’s happening directly from our phones. We had to ask ourselves why it’s not just as easy to bank on our phones. N26 is The Mobile Bank because it finally is possible to run your entire financial life from your phone. It’s truly mobile banking.

How it works

N26 is a completely paperless bank with no physical locations. You sign up and create your bank account directly from your phone. You get a new IBAN immediately, and a Mastercard debit card in the mail less than a week later. Once you activate your card and transfer money into your account, you can make online and offline purchases like you normally would, and withdraw cash from any ATM in the world that accepts Mastercard. You’ll get a push notification after every transaction so you’ll always be up to date. This simplicity applies to all N26 products including investment, credit, savings, insurance and overdraft. Everything is possible from just the single N26 app, and you can contact customer service via phone, chat or email if you get stuck.

How to sign up

This is the simplest part of all. You can download the N26 app in the App Store or Play Store, or just click here to get started. There are a few steps to take care of — provide your basic information including your mailing address, select between our basic, Business, or Black premium accounts, and verify your ID over a short video call. You only need your passport. We handle everything else in the background. You can sign up for an N26 bank account in your pyjamas on a remote beach as long as you have a wireless connection and your passport.





N26 is a natural next step in personal banking as we move into a mobile-first world. Try N26 for yourself and see how it might benefit your financial life.