Would you like to improve your German skills beyond regular language classes? Are you interested in meeting some local TU-students? The Language Tandem of the TU Sprachenzentrum is just the right thing for you!

What is a Language Tadem?

Long story short: You team up with another student who is interested in learning your language to learn from each other. An example: You are from Turkey and looking to learn German? Then sign up to find someone who speaks German and wants to learn Turkish. It's as easy as that.

Learn together: Both partners engage equally in teaching each other. 

Learn individually: You are your own teachers. You decide, what you want to learn and what to talk about.

Learn interculturally: You never just learn a language. You have the chance to learn about your parnter, their country, and their culture.

Learn flexibly: No fixed schedule. Learn and meet, whenever you feel like it.

When and where?

Sign up at the homepage of the Sprachenzentrum. There will be introductory meetings in the beginning of the semester, but you can basically sign up, whenever you like.

Mi, 01.11., 18:30: English-German

Do, 02.11., 18:30: Spanish-German

Mo, 06.11., 20:15: French-German

Di, 07.11., 18:30:  Portuguese, Italian, Russian - German

Mi, 08.11., 18:30 & Do, 09.11., 20:15: Other languages (Japanese, Arabic, Korean, etc.)