Nations United - International Soccer Cup
The State Theater Braunschweig invites you to their international soccer tournament. Are you a German or international Student in Braunschweig? Are you interested in playing against many other teams from Braunschweig? We are looking for a team of at least six players. You can sign up alone or with your friends. Just use the form below.
The tournament will take place at KICK OFF Soccerarena, Petzvalstraße 49A, 38104 Braunschweig.

You are of course invited to bring your fan club! After the presentation ceremony, we will join the party at Da Massimo with food and drinks! The final game will be commented by an original speaker of the Eintracht Stadtion Braunschweig.

06/04/2016 - 18:00 to 23:00
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