We are an association of students from the Technical University of Braunschweig that are united by one common goal: To give you the best experience during your stay here! Most of us have already studied abroad, so we know what you're looking for! With the effort of our members and the support of the university we are organizing cultural events, making trips to amazing places and celebrating legendary partys. Also, if you have problems or questions we try our best to help you. Our services are not only for Erasmus students - everyone is welcome. We are encouraging the exchange between people of all origins (that includes Germans ;) ).

On this website, you'll find a lot of helpful information about Braunschweig, the life here, and our mostly free events (some events that include entrance fees or travel costs may require a paid sign-up). Join our Event Group on Facebook to get real-time information and updates. If you are looking for cheap stuff to buy for your new home here, have a look at the black board. Many students are buying and selling there. Your chances to find the basic living equipment and books for language courses are very good! :)