Registration Steps

1. Fill out the registration form on this Registration Page

Please note: there is a limited number of participants. The available spots will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. In case of a cancellation of a payed spot, we cannot refund the money. But you can still find someone who takes your spot.


2. Pay for your spot on the Payment Page

After submitting the sign up form you will be forwarded to the payment page where you have to pay for your spot via PayPal. For a redirection to the payment page you can also click here.

Registration Form

VERY IMPORTANT: by filling in your information you give us the permission to send your data to Herrenhäuser brewery, because they need a participation list for this event. Of courese we will not send your data to other third parties without your permission and after the event we will delete them immediately. :) If you gave us the permission and change your mind, please write us a mail and inform us about it. And now have fun :)

If you don't see the sign-up form below, the registration is closed/all spots are taken.