What's the ESNcard?

The ESNcard is a membership card, which can only be purchased by ESN members and international students. This card is intended for identify yourself as a part of the ESN network and thereby get discounts at ESNcard partners and ESN events. The ESNcard is valid for 1 year and can be used on location and for local and international discounts.

More information about the ESNcard and many discounts at www.esncard.org.


Where can I get an ESNcard?

The ESNcard can be purchased at all ESN events only for 10,00 €.


How do I activate the ESNcard?

1.  Fill in the ESNcard

2.  Stick a picture on the ESNcard

3.  Register at www.esncard.org/user/register


The ESNcard ist valid for 1 year and is not applicable to anybody else.